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Outside Pool Tables, an Remarkable Piece of Garden Furniture

So what is an outside pool table, what makes it ideal for use outside the house? Well basically it is the same as some other pool table, except the frame and cloth are treated to protect against the elements. The frame is either pressure treated wood, just like the decking on your outdoor patio or fibreglass which is totally weatherproof. The towel is treated with a Simonise type process so that it repels water. ( I have seen the cloth put under a tap and the just runs off and the cloth is dry to the touch afterwards-impressive) Other than that everything else is the same as any other stand you will find in your local pub, using the same balls and cues as you would in a pub or pool corridor.

Also they are a slate bed pool desk which is to say the enjoying surface is made of slate, so they will last a long time. The only thing that may happen is the cloth colour will get bleached over time after exposure to the sunlight. To be able to minimise this, always cover the table if you are not playing on it.

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Typically the playing experience will be just 7 reviews  the same as a pub pool stand only you will have bags of room being outside on the patio and you don't have to worry about if you have room in the house or not. Some of the tables also come with optional table tops and benches so your pool table can double as a picnic stand when you have barbeques and so forth very useful. Furthermore the wooden versions of the outdoor table can be matched to the colour of the spot on your decking, so it will blend in nicely.

When not in use say during winter, the outdoor pool tables should be covered to avoid simply leaves and other autumn dirt getting onto your desk. Usually they come with big covers that can be tied to the legs to secure them until they are being used again next spring. A really useful little bit of garden furniture don't you think?

Post by 5productreviews (2018-04-08 04:33)

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